The GGACC's Learn to Fly Fish Program (the "LTFF program") is offered primarily for new Club members who have already learned to make basic casts with a fly rod and want to put their new casting ability to good use on the water. The goal of the LTFF program is to teach fly fishing knowledge and skills to beginners so they can better enjoy our great sport.

Through a combination of classroom teaching, in-the-pond casting instruction, and mentored or guided fishing outings (called "fish-outs"), the comprehensive 3 year LTFF program helps its students learn both how to fly fish and where to go in Northern California and beyond.  It is one of the most popular programs offered by the GGACC.

NOTE:  The LTFF program and its fish-outs are not intended for the club's more experienced fly fishers.  The Club's Rendezvous (Rondy) Program is designed for them.  "Rondies" are not mentored and are therefore offered exclusively to experienced fly fishers.  LTFF program graduates can participate in the Rondy Program, but it is off limits to all current LTFF students or any other beginners.

The LTFF's mentored program is 3 years long for most of its students.  It starts with the Beginners Class (Step 1) for the first year; a Novice Class (Step 2) in the second year; and an Intermediate Class (Step 3) in the final year.  The LTFF students can expect to make many new friends and hopefully some life-long fishing buddies.

The LTFF program is open only to GGACC members who have paid club dues for each year of their participation in the program.  You can join the club and pay annual dues online at the Club's website: www.ggacc.org.  Dues paid in December cover the following calendar year for new or current members.

Prospective students for each year's LTFF program must sign-up, beginning in December of the prior year, for the first posted February Class Day for the Beginner (Step 1) or Novice (Step 2) classes on the club Events calendar at ggacc.org.  Enrollment is on a "first to register" basis.  Students from the previous year's Beginner or Novice classes will have registration priority, and will receive an advance email alert for signing up for the coming year's Novice or Intermediate class.

Entering participants in the LTFF program should be able to make both a roll cast and an overhead cast with a single-hand fly rod to a distance of 25-40 feet.  They should have (or will purchase after the classroom sessions) their own fly rod (preferably a 9' long 5 weight) with fly reel and a matching floating fly line (i.e., a WF5F line); breathable chest waders; wading boots; and a wading staff.  Outfitted with this minimum equipment, they receive specialized casting instruction in the ponds during Step 1 & 2 classes (when club rods are also available) and can participate in the LTFF program's fish-outs offered for their class.

Those coming into the program with previous fly fishing experience may petition the Program Director (see contact info below) for written approval to skip the Beginner class and register for the Novice class instead.   This approval will be based on a verbal or written explanation of the applicant's prior experience, which at a minimum should include the ability to successfully fish small streams on their own, including the ability to select their own flies, tie up their own two-fly nymphing and dry-dropper rigs, and wade safely.  Having fly fished only with guides is not considered sufficient experience to qualify as a Novice.

LTFF students are strongly encouraged to attend the Club's monthly Free Casting Lessons at the GGACC's ponds, and the Skills Building Program lectures (also free) These lessons and lectures are usually offered on the 2nd Saturday of every month.

Step 1 & 2 students must be enrolled in their respective "class day" events before signing up for any of that class's scheduled fish-outs.  A release form must be signed to participate in fish-outs.  Not all students can be guaranteed a spot in each fish-out since the number of openings is limited.  An online wait list option is offered whenever the event limit is reached.  Any drop-outs will be replaced from the wait list until it is exhausted, after which it is the responsibility of the registrant to find his or her own replacement.

The fees charged for the classes and fish-outs are the minimum necessary to cover the LTFF program's costs.  Since this program is self-supporting and is not covered by membership dues, the fees are typically not refundable, but are negotiable between the respective parties for anyone taking over a fish-out spot from a paid registrant.

Pending weather, water conditions, availability, and participation, the following fish-outs (for trout unless otherwise noted) are the likely minimum planned for each class:

Step 1 Beginner Fish-outs:  North Yuba River, Main Yuba River

Step 2 Novice Fish-outs:  Luk Lake (primarily for bass), Lower Sacramento River, American River, NF Stanislaus River, Hat Creek

Step 3 Intermediate Fish-outs:  Pyramid Lake (NV), Lower Sac (for shad), Surf (for surf perch), Missouri River (MT), SF Bay (for striped bass), Upper Sac & McCloud Rivers, and Trinity River (for steelhead)

For any questions about the LTFF program, please contact either the program director (John Murphy,  650-799-1695, jmurphy7599@gmail.com) or a listed class leader.

Upcoming events

    • 02 Jan 2018
    • 12:00 PM
    • online registration only
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    Sorry, but this event is now sold out. You can join the waitlist and we will send you an email when additional spaces become available.

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    This posted event is ONLY for signing up the 2018 year’s class of Intermediate students for the "Learn to Fly Fish" Program and only current  LTFF Novice students are eligible.  

    The “Learn to Fly Fish”  (Step 3) Intermediate Class offers more guided or mentored, but also slightly more challenging “fish-outs” to primarily those LTFF program students who participated in last year’s (Step 2) Novice Class. 

    These fish-outs are educational trips, not intended for more experienced club members (who can participate in the club’s Rendezvous program) or for beginners.  There are no required ‘class days’ (classroom instruction) for Intermediate Class, but there will be several special free clinics offered to help prepare for these fish-outs.

    If there are still spots in this Intermediate Class available after last year’s registered Novice students have been given a chance to sign up, then any remaining spots may be filled by previous year’s Intermediates wishing to repeat or possibly attend those fish-outs that they may have missed out on previously. However, we must limit the size of this class to only 15 persons (on a first-come, first-served basis) since the venues we book and the various fish-out destinations are necessarily restricted to somewhat fewer numbers than this.

    The Intermediate Class is the 3rd year of the typically 3-year long LTFF program in which we continue to expand the students’ fly fishing experiences to target more species in different waters.  Our goal is to give the LTFF program graduates the confidence and experience to go fly fishing wherever they may choose to follow their passion, and to help them to hopefully find long-time fishing buddies among their classmates to do this with.

    The Intermediate class fish-outs will be separately described and posted for registration on their respective dates on the club calendar as they are finalized.  The registered class members will get email alerts for signing up for all fish-outs so you won't need to keep checking the calendar for them.

    In addition to the fees charged for the cost of individual fish-outs (kept as low as possible through club or educational discounts, group camp site reservations, etc.), there is a class signup fee of $125 to cover the various administrative costs of this program.  

    You must register on this event site (Feb. 10) to be included in the 2016 Intermediate Class BEFORE signing up for any of the coming (Step 3) Intermediate fish-outs – so don’t dawdle or you may be left out.  A wait list will be generated for those unfortunate souls too late to be the first 15 people to sign-up.

    This year’s Intermediates will have chances to fish in five or more fish-outs within California and at least two out-of-state. Expect fish-outs for Lohantan cutthroats in Pyramid Lake, shad fishing on the Sac River, surf fishing in Pacifica, steelhead fishing on the Trinity (and possibly Feather), striper fishing at O'Neill Forebay, tight lining on the Truckee River, and hopefully more. 

    The highlight of the program, and everyone’s goal to try to get to (and back to!), is our trip to Montana on July 7-9 to fish the Missouri River, a blue-ribbon tailwater. That trip includes a four-night (Fri.-Mon.) stay in a large rented house right on the river, catered dinners, and best of all, three days of drift fishing with dries, nymphs, hoppers, etc. for feisty rainbows and big browns with really top-notch guides.

    Usual rules and disclaimers:  You must be a GGACC club member in good standing (i.e., annual dues paid for the current calendar year) to participate in this program.  Since there will likely be a few more class members than available spots for every fish-out, you are never guaranteed a spot on any particular fish-out; all registrations will be on a first-come basis only.  There will be no refunds of fees for your class or fish-out registrations unless your replacement can be found.  (We will assist with this as much as we can with emails and wait lists, but otherwise it is solely up to you to find your replacement and recoup whatever you are able to for your spot.)

    As noted above, class size is very limited so SIGN UP NOW to ensure yourself of another spot in this terrific program – only then can you join us for more great times together while learning ever more about fly fishing.

    For questions, contact John Murphy (jmurphy7599@gmail.com

    • 03 Mar 2018
    • 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM
    • Anglers Lodge and the Center & East Ponds
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    Sorry, but this event is now sold out. You can join the waitlist and we will send you an email when additional spaces become available.

    Join waitlist


    Note: GG Angler's Lodge (Board Room) and two ponds (center & east) are reserved exclusively for this scheduled event for those registered club members participating in this year's Learn to Fly Fish program.  

    This Class Day 1 will be held on Saturday, March 3, 2018, and Class Day 2 will be held on Sat., March 17, 2018. 

    This Step 1 "Beginner Class" is intended for the first-year fly fisher in the GGACC's 3-yr. long "Learn to Fly Fish" (LTFF) Program. This program offers classroom instruction in each of the first two years, as well as a number of mentored or guided fish-outs. This educational program is designed to help the Beginner (1st yr.) or Novice (2nd yr.) fly fisher to transition from the free casting lessons on the club ponds to fly fishing in a wide variety of fisheries available in Northern California especially.  It is also a wonderful way to gain new friends and life-long fishing buddies.

    This LTFF Program is offered to new or current club members only and, in addition to the membership dues, does require the payment of fees as needed to cover the club's costs for hosting or reserving different events, both for class instruction and fish-outs.  The Beginner Class Day cost is $100 total for the two days of classroom and specialized casting instruction.

    Participation in this Learn to Fly Fish program generally requires the ability to make basic casts to at least 35-40', including both roll casts and overhead casts as taught by the club in the Beginner and Novice sections of the monthly free public casting lessons (typ. on every 2nd Saturday of each month, see club calendar to register for these casting classes).  

    The Beginners Class this year will have two class days of instruction, held both in the clubhouse and on the ponds, on Saturday, March 3, 2018, and on Saturday, March 17, 2018. These classes will cover basic gear, knots, entomology, reading the water, and wading safety, as well as specialized casting techniques.  Club mentors will work with you to help prepare you for the planned "mentored" fish-outs to be offered later in the year.  

    The total fee for both Beginner Class Days is $100, which covers the cost of instructional materials and a good lunch each day. Registering and paying for the 1st Class Day on March 3rd also covers registration for the 2nd Class Day on March 17th. 

    The cost of the separately posted fish-outs will be listed on their event pages, but typically run from $100-200 depending on the destination. These fees do not cover any equipment costs, guide gratuities, driving expenses, certain meals, and any campground or motel costs.  Only students who have registered for the class days will receive emailed notices of when the Beginner fish-outs are first opened for sign-up and payment.

    We will be teaching classes for both the Beginners (1st yr students) and Novices (2nd yr, or by approval) on the same (2) dates again this year, with each class rotating between the clubhouse and ponds on a half-day basis. 

    Beginners will start their first class day in the classroom from 8:30AM to Noon. So please arrive promptly to get a name badge and seat. 

    For the afternoon session (1:00-4:00PM) of Class Day 1, you will be getting casting instruction in the ponds that's tailored to what you need to know for your fish-outs this year.  Bring your fly rod (we recommend a 9' long 5wt -- but a 4 or 6wt will suffice -- with reel, floating line, and a 0X-3X tapered practice leader that's at least 6' lg), or you may borrow a club rod for this casting session, and also waders and boots if you have them.  Owning your own "breathable-fabric, stocking-foot chest waders" and a pair of good wading boots (felt-soled or rubber-soled with cleats) will allow you to get the most benefit out of this specialized casting instruction.   

    REGISTER QUICKLY on the announced opening date & time of online registration for the March 3rd Beginner Class Day 1 to be sure of a spot in this limited class. Class size will be generally limited to the first 20 people to sign up.


    You must be a club member in good standing to BOTH register for and to participate in this program. You can join or renew club membership anytime after Nov.1 for the entire 2018 calendar year by clicking on the "Join us" tab on the Home Page.  

    Students who have registered for a fish-out and later learn that they can't attend will be solely responsible for finding their own replacement to pay them directly for whatever they can collect.  Since fish-outs are planned and paid for in advance, club refunds are NOT generally possible.   

    For further information, contact:

    John Murphy, LLTF Program Dir., (jmurphy7599@gmail.com)

    • 03 Mar 2018
    • 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM
    • Anglers Lodge (Board Room) & Ponds (center & east only)
    • 3

    THE NOVICE CLASS REGISTRATION WILL NOT BE OPENING UP ON DEC. 4, 2017.  All remaining openings in next year's 2018 LTFF Novice are reserved for those who have petitioned for and are pre-approved by the program director to initially join the program in the 2nd year based on their prior experience.  

    Novices' Class Day 1 will be Saturday, March 3, 2018 and Novice Class Day 2 will be held on Sat., March 17, as also shown on the calendar now. 

    This Step 2 - Novice Class is primarily for the 2nd year student in the GGACC's typically 3-year long fly fishing instructional program. This event is the 1st of two "class days" for the 2nd year (Novice) students in the "Learn to Fly Fish" (LTFF) program.  The two-day Novice Class cost is $125.

    This Step 2 Novice class and all scheduled Novice fish-outs are open to club members only, and primarily only to those students who were in last year's Step 1 Beginners' Class or someone from last year's Novice Class who wishes to repeat this class to polish their skills before moving up to the Step 3 Intermediate Class next year.  

    This class will be limited to 20 students.  Priority goes to last year's Beginners but, if there are still class openings after January 1st, other club members who possess basic fly fishing knowledge and casting skill (i.e., they know how to rig up and fish nymph and dry-dropper set-ups and wade fish small rivers on their own) may be allowed to join this class upon approval of the LTFF program director  (Email the contact below to initiate such request.)

    The Novice Class Days are designed to advance the beginner in the art of fly fishing and these two scheduled class days (Saturday, March 3, and Saturday, March 17) will provide both classroom instruction and specialized casting instruction as preparation for each scheduled Novice Class Fish-out. As such, participation in these class days is a prerequisite to attending the Novice fish-outs. Signing up for the March 3 class automatically registers you for the second class day. 

    This class and most fish-outs in the LTFF program do require the payment of fees to cover only the club's costs for hosting or reserving each event. The $125 fee for this two-day class covers all the classroom instructional materials and lunches, and can be paid online via PayPal when registering for this Novice class on the March 4th date.

    The Novice Class Days will take a more advanced look at gear, entomology, reading water, knots, and similar topics. Club mentors will work with the students "in" the ponds to learn to cast tighter loops, make mends and specialized casts, and haul and shoot line. 

    The first class day (Mar. 3) will begin with "in-pond" casting instruction from 8:30AM to NOON for the Novice class, so bring waders and boots, in addition to your fly rod (4-7wt, with floating line), eyewear, hat, and appropriate clothingThe second class day (March 17) will start with Novices in the classroom.

    We will be teaching both the Beginner and Novice Classes on the same (2) dates this year again, with each class rotating between the clubhouse and ponds on a half-day basis. A good lunch will be provided for everyone before switching.

    At least (3) mentored or guided Novice fish-outs are being planned for this year, with the possible addition of one or more others. They will be posted to the club calendar and notice provided to registered class members when they can sign up for each fish-out. 

    The opening of registration for next year's LTFF Novice Class (for the current year's registered Beginners Class) and enrollment in this March 3rd Novice Class Day 1 will be announced via personal email to the Beginners in the late fall of 2017.  After this preliminary registration targeted at the current Beginners, any remaining spots in the next year's Novice class are reserved for those who have been pre-approved and invited to first join the program at the Novice class level based on an evaluation by the program director of their prior fly fishing experience and casting skills that may warrant skipping the 1st year. 

    Remember that you must be a current club member for all of 2018 to be eligible to continue to register for and participate in this program (click on the "JOIN" tab on the website home page to find the membership renewal option in the dropdown menu). Annual dues paid in the last 2 months of the current year typically give you active member status for the following calendar year. 

    This 3-year Learn to Fly Fish Program is intended to build on the club's monthly casting instruction offered free to the public and to help club members in those casting classes to better transition from the casting ponds to fishable waters and learn how to fly fish in a wide variety of fisheries in California and other states.  It is also a wonderful way to gain new friends and life-long fishing buddies. 

    The cost of the individual fish-outs will be listed on their separate event pages.  The cost for the Novice fish-outs will range from $100-250, excluding any guide gratuities, driving expense, and campground or motel costs. Only students who have signed up for the class days will receive an email notice of when a fish-out is opened for their online sign-up and payment. 

    Note: There may not be quite enough spots available for all 20 students to attend each fish-out. These spots can only be offered on a first come basis, so you are encouraged to sign up quickly. Students who register and pay for a fish-out and later learn that they can't make it for any reason will be solely responsible for finding their own replacement --including collecting whatever they can get for their spot. Club refunds for classes or fish-outs are NOT generally possible.

    Program Director:
    John Murphy (jmurphy7599@gmail.com)

    • 17 Mar 2018
    • 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM
    • Anglers Lodge and the Center & East Ponds

    The Angler's Lodge (Board Room) and two ponds (center & east) are reserved exclusively for this scheduled event for those registered club members participating in this year's Learn to Fly Fish program. 

    This event is the 2nd Day of the Step 1 "Beginners" Class instruction for registered students in the "Learn to Fly Fish" Program, taking place all day both in the clubhouse and "in" the casting ponds. It is open to only those eligible club members who signed up and paid for this class on the 1st Class Day event posting for March 3, 2018. 

    The Beginners class will begin their instruction on this Mar. 17 date at 8:30AM on the ponds and then move into the classroom in the afternoon from 1:00 to 4:00PM, while alternating these locations with the Step 2 Novice Class who start their day in the classroom on this date. Lunch will be provided at noon.  Remember to bring your rods and waders, if you have them.

    For further information regarding this event, see the calendar event on March 3rd, 2018, for Step 1 "Beginners" Class Day 1.

    Contacts:  John Murphy, Prog.Dir. (jmurphy7599@gmail.com)

    • 17 Mar 2018
    • 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM
    • Anglers Lodge (Board Room) & Ponds (center & east only)

    This event is the 2nd Day of the 2-day Step 2 "Novice" Class instruction for registered students in the "Learn to Fly Fish" Program, taking place all day both in the clubhouse and "in" the casting ponds. It is open to only those eligible club members who signed up and paid for this class on the 1st Novice Class Day event posting for March 3, 2018. 

    The Novice class will begin their instruction on this March 17 date at 8:30AM in the clubhouse and then move into the ponds in the afternoon from 1:00 to 4:00PM, while alternating these locations with the Step 1 Beginners Class who start their day "in the ponds" on this date. Lunch will be provided at noon.  Remember to bring your rods and waders!

    For further information regarding this event, see the calendar event on March 3rd, 2018 for the Step 2 "Novice" Class Day 2.

    Contacts:  John Murphy, Prog.Dir. (jmurphy7599@gmail.com)

    • 18 Mar 2018
    • 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
    • GG Casting ponds --all 3 ponds are reserved for this clinic


    This Shooting Head and Sinking Line Casting Clinic to be held at 10:00 AM on Sunday, March 18, 2018, is primarily for those registered Novice and Intermediate students in the club's "Learn to Fly Fish" Program who have already acquired the necessary gear for this and are planning to attend the LTFF's Pyramid Lake, Shad, Surf, Delta, or Steelhead fish-outs this year where these casting skills are needed.  

    Rendezvous program participants who plan to attend similar "Rondies" are also welcome to register for this clinic since it will be the only one offered this year.  

    Clinic attendees are reminded to bring your own gear, including waders if you wish to get in the ponds, but also whatever appropriate shooting head or sinking line gear you own now or intend to fish with. This includes rods, reels, lines, leaders, and in particular, shooting heads, running lines, sinking lines, and sink tips.  Don't forget your hats and eyewear for safety reasons.

    There is no fee for this clinic to be hosted by Willy George, but all participants are requested to register for this event in order to plan for the required number of instructors. 

    For more info, contact John Murphy ph. 650-799-1695 jmurphy7599@gmail.com 

    or Willy George, busygeorges@aol.com

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