Rendezvous (Rondy) Program

The GGACC's Rendezvous (or Rondy) Program offers group fishing trips (called "rondies") for those active club members who are already experienced fly fishers and wish to participate in these club-organized fishing trips for the companionship they offer and the opportunity to fish these venues.  Active club members are those who have already paid their club dues for the calendar year.  Experienced fly fishers are considered to be those who have done considerable fly fishing on their own without requiring guides or other necessary help.

Participants may include recent graduates of the "Learn to Fly Fish" Program, but not any current LTFF registered students or any other beginners. Unlike the LTFF Program's educational outings (called "fish-outs", to distinguish them from the rondies), the rondies are not mentored outings.  The rondy leaders have only organizational responsibilities for leading their groups, and not teaching duties.

To sign-up for a rondy that is currently open for registration (i.e., when the Register button shows on the Calendar Event description page), you must both register and pay online whatever fee is described for that particular rondy. You do not have to pay to sign up on a Wait List, which is automatically generated online whenever a rondy's maximum registration limit is reached (and the Register button disappears).  

Full or partial refunds are not guaranteed in the absence of someone, either on a Wait List or someone you have found yourself, who is willing to pay you something to take your spot.  All rondy participants will be required to sign a liability release form for each rondy.

See the links under this tab for the list of all Rondies currently shown on the club's calendar.

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