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Saturday June 9

9:30 AM - 11:30 AM

Free Casting Lessons for all levels of casters.
1. Casting classes are usually held on the Second Saturday of each month; please check the website for possible changes in the dates.
2. Casting classes are held irrespective of rain, wind, snow or shine.
3. Please wear eye protection.
4. Classes will be divided into two groups (the classes will be held concurrently):
a. Beginning to Intermediate; and
b. Intermediate to Advanced.
5. We anticipate later this year, we will have classes for those who are interested in becoming an FFF Certified Casting Instructor. Please express your interest at the regular classes to John C. Till.
6. We will also be holding classes in “specialty casting” concepts. Specialty casts are generally thought of as any cast other than a straight line cast.
7. At the present, the classes are limited to instruction in the use of a single handed rod.
8. We have free single-handed fly casting equipment at the club for the lessons, however, if you intend to take advantage of the free equipment please arrive at least 15 min. early.
9.You should always check the website to make certain that the monthly class has not been moved forward or backward a week or two.
10. FINALLY, please pre-register [to assist with the number of needed instructors] on the via the RSVP link on this page or contact John C. Till or 650-348-1216 for questions.

Location: GGACC Angler's Lodge and Casting Pools
Directions: for directions go to the Directions page

Cost: This event is free.

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