Spey -- Longer Lines II (possibly also Skagit sink tips)

  • 30 Jan 2016
  • GGACC Angler's Lodge & Casting Ponds

Depending on demand, this January 30, 2016, class event may also include an afternoon session on the subject of "Casting your Skagit sink tip further". 

Morning Session:  A continuation of the December 19, 2015, "Longer Lines" Program on Spey casting of longer belly lines. See that program description for the line requirements for this class session.

Afternoon Session (tentative):  Extend your Skagit cast distance --a perfect program for those who believe every fish lies on the opposite bank!  Bring your own Skagit rod, line, and sink tip for this session. 

To sign-up for this class or for more info about this event, contact Bob Pauli at bob.pauli@mac.com

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