Fall River Rondy 6/23 & 24

  • 22 Jun 2016
  • 6:00 PM
  • 24 Jun 2016
  • 5:00 PM
  • Spinner Fall Lodge, upper Fall River, 7 miles west of McArther
  • 2


Two days of dry fly fishing and streamer fishing on California's fabled Fall River. This "no bobber" trip is intended to expose competent anglers to the joy of traditional fly fishing with dry flies, streamers, and only stripped or swung nymphs. 

Participation is now limited to 5 9 experienced anglers, who are current club members and have been selected as qualified for this event through their attendance at Bob Pauli's Traditional Fly Fishing talk on 1/10/16 (as advertised to the membership via emails), by their questionnaire responses following that talk, and by participation in the March 5 pre-meeting for an evaluation of their casting abilities. This Rondy is not for those now in the  "Learn to Fly Fish" program or similar beginners.

The location and lodging is Spinner Fall Lodge on the upper Fall River located on McArther Road, 7 miles west of McArther, CA.  Lodge rooms are being held for the nights of June 22, 23 & 24 for participants to make their own room reservations. Discount rates apply for this GGACC group (mention GGACC Bob Pauli). Single $109 & double $139 rooms are available. Reservations 530-336-5827. Email: info@spinnerfalllodge.com.

Initial gathering will be on Wednesday, 6/22/16 at a 6:00pm dinner/orientation at the Spinner Fall Lodge (no-host dinner). Fishing days are Thursday & Friday, 6/23 & 24, with 8:00 AM pick-up each day by our guides, who will provide sandwiches & beverages for lunch.

Anglers may want to fish "unguided" on Saturday & Sunday. The lodge has boats for rent. This is also the time of the Fall River's fabled evening "Hex Hatch". So pairs of club anglers may wish to book an additional guided trip for themselves either after Friday or particularly during one of the evenings that weekend. To do so with one of our 3 top-notch, highly experienced Fall River guides, contact Bob Pauli (see his info below). This should be done soon though, especially for an evening booking.

Gear:  Rod #1:  5wt medium action 9' fly rod with floating line and 20' leader, tapered to 5x. Assembling such leaders is simple and will be covered in the 3/5/16 pre-meeting clinic. Rod #2:  5 or 6wt medium action 9' fly rod with intermediate sink shooting head and 9' - 12' leader tapered to 5x.

Skills required:  Rod #1:  ability to cast 50', turning over a 20' leader and to execute the "Fall River feed" for drag-free drift with dry flies.  Rod #2:  ability to cast 65', turning over a 9' - 12'  leader and strip retrieve. Longer casts are better.

Weather issues:  Northern CA mountain climate at 3300' elevation. Dress in layers and bring rain gear. Temperatures are generally 10 degrees lower than Redding.

Expenses: $480, plus the additional cost of lodging, all meals (other than Thurs. & Fri. lunch), and guide gratuities.

Pre-Meeting/Casting Clinic:  Saturday, March 5, at GGACC Anglers' Lodge from 9:00AM to 12 Noon.  Please arrive early since this pre-mtg. will begin with an hour's classroom session in the lodge boardroom promptly at 9AM. All those registered for this rondy AND those signing up for the wait list for this event are expected to attend the pre-meeting. Please register separately for this pre-mtg. on the March 5th calendar event. 

Additional information:  Dry fly fishing, streamer fishing, and swung or stripped nymphs and wet flies only; no "bobber" fishing allowed on this rondy.

Leader contact: Bob Pauli 707-322-3583 bob.pauli@mac.com

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