Traditional Fly Fishing by Bob Pauli

  • 10 Jan 2016
  • 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
  • GGACC Anglers Lodge boardroom


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This is an informational talk to learn from Bob Pauli some of what he knows and has learned to greatly appreciate about "traditional fly fishing" i.e., using only dry flies and stripped or swung streamers and nymphs. This meeting will be open to all club members, a few of whom will later get to attend his Fall River Rondy in June this year.  

This meeting will be held in the Angler's lodge boardroom  Sunday, January 10, 2016 from 9:00 to 10:30AM 12Noon to 1:30PM.  While Bob's talk will be aimed at all interested club members, those hoping to attend his dry-fly Fall River Rondy on June 23-24 MUST make this meeting, as well as a clinic on March 5. Please register for this talk to provide an idea of the number of attendees to set-up for.

In Bob's own words:

"My goal is to encourage a cadre of traditional fly fishing proselytes, because such fishing is a most rewarding method of angling, one that enables dry fly and streamer/nymph fishing where one sees and feels the strike of a fish voluntarily and aggressively taking a fly in its mouth. 

While I personally don't care to fish with indicators, I do hold that vilifying those fly fishing with "bobbers" is not good for our sport if it diminishes the number of participants, as there are not enough outdoor sportsmen in this state as it is, and the political power of sportsmen and the health of the GGACC depends on numbers. Additionally, bobber anglers do support guides, lodges and fishing shops, including those specializing in fly fishing, which is good for all of us. 

Fly fishing is a voluntarily chosen method of angling that can disadvantage one in terms of quantity of fish landed.  Having accepted that fly anglers are thus willingly handicapping themselves, it is reasonable to accept that some at GGACC are willing to return to the roots of fly fishing, one that does not sacrifice the visual (dry fly) and tactile (streamer) experience of the traditional sport.

My goal with the 2016 Fall River Rondy is to plant seeds among a few anglers who, hopefully, will cultivate a growing group of GGACC fly anglers that will pursue the thrill of dry fly angling, yes even for that one fish at twilight, and share with unbridled enthusiasm the excitement of the experience.  And when dry fly fishing is hopeless, to cast or swing nymphs and streamers, often on 20’ leaders, and thrill to the joy of a violent take.  And to understand that there is less thrill and no quality to simply chasing large numbers of fish caught.

Many members of our fine club are in a position to influence upcoming and impressionable anglers of the possibilities of this wonderful sport.  In doing so, I want them to please be sure they don’t think numbers are the answer for everyone who fly fishes. How can a 'number' compete with the thrill of a smashing grab? To me it is inconceivable.  

I have fished California's Fall River for 36 years and have grown to really appreciate traditional fly fishing for trout.  With this informational meeting and the Fall River Rondy this spring, I hope to share some of this appreciation and knowledge with more of my fellow GGACC members."

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