Spring Creek Fly Fishing Seminar by Master Guide Art Teter

  • 05 Mar 2016
  • 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • GGACC Anglers Lodge and Center & East Ponds


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We are fortunate to have Fall River Valley’s master guide Art Teter coming to the lodge on Saturday, March 5, to discuss a wealth of topics of interest to those who pursue native trout in spring creeks.  This will be a dual-purpose program that is both preparation for Bob Pauli's Fall River Rondy on June 23-24, 2016, and a general discussion of traditional fly fishing.

The three-part program will begin promptly at 9:00AM in the lodge meeting room:

9:00 - 9:45 AM:  Bob Pauli's review of GGACC's new traditional fly-fishing program, its reason for being and goals.  The program is primarily designed for experienced anglers who have caught plenty of fish in the past and want to further their quest for the extraordinary level of satisfaction possible with traditional fly-fishing (i.e. no bobber) methods.  

         Commitment to the concept of fishing "quality", independent of the numbers of fish caught, will be stressed.  Casting skill required to participate will be outlined, and taught later in the day.

         A discussion of the June 23-24, 2016, Fall River Rondy, will take place describing the "no-bobber" dry fly, nymph, soft-hackle and streamer techniques employed.  We'll also discuss opportunities to participate in the famous "Hex hatch," if conditions are favorable.

9:45 - 10:45 AM:  Presentation by Art Teter, head guide for our June 23-24 Fall River Rondy, and senior Fall River valley guide.  Art will confirm details of what we can expect during our two days with him and his guides.

         Art will also discuss his general theory of "common sense fishing," leaders, flies and thoughts on single-minded fishing, and how they apply to different waters.

11:00 AM and after: Demonstration and teaching of casting techniques needed for success in the Fall River spring creek environment.

         Participants will move to the center and east ponds after 11AM to start their casting session. If you can, bring 2 rods that are set-up (see the Fall River Rondy posting on 6/22 for gear info) for both dry fly and streamer casting (no bobbers!), along with your hat and eyewear for this casting clinic. Waders will not be needed. 

THOSE WHO HAVE ALREADY QUALIFIED, WHO WANT TO QUALIFY, OR WHO WANT TO BE WAIT-LISTED FOR THIS RONDY MUST ATTEND THIS PRE-MEETING (unless they are previously excused by Bob). In the event that someone has to drop out, his or her replacement from the wait list must have participated in this pre-meeting/ casting clinic. 

Those planning to attend this seminar (and pre-meeting/clinic) are requested to REGISTER  for this March 5 event in advance in order to determine the number of instructors needed. 

Sign-up for EITHER the Pre-mtg/ Clinic for Fall River, 6/23-24; OR for this posted Spring Creek Fly Fishing Seminar, but please do NOT sign up for both since they are actually the SAME event. (The above revised description of this event supersedes the previous description in that earlier posted Pre-mtg/Clinic event, which would have been simply replaced with this event if there had been some way to migrate the previous registrants for that event to this new event posting.) 

For questions, contact: Bob Pauli, 707-322-3583, bob.pauli@mac.com

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