LTFF Step 3 Intermediate Fish-out - Pyramid Lake

  • 03 Apr 2016
  • 5:00 AM
  • 04 Apr 2016
  • 2:00 PM
  • Pyramid Lake, NV
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Registration is closed

NOTE:  Since this fish-out was not filled by the LTFF students, it is open for registration for ANY club member.  Also, see 2nd posted event on April 3, for a ONE-DAY ONLY option (Sunday only) for this fish-out at a reduced cost. 

This is a guided two-day LTFF Intermediate Fish-out to Pyramid Lake, Nevada, for the 2016 registered Intermediate students only on Sunday, April 3, and Monday, April 4.  

We will be fishing for big Lahontan Cutthroat Trout on this huge desert lake that sits on Indian land, where we will be guided by Rob Anderson (who spoke at the club on January 9 if you were lucky enough to hear his excellent presentation). 

We will primarily be fishing from stepladders set up in a row out in the lake to allow you to cast out to the drop-offs and stay a little more out of the water. This fishing is great fun since it is very social and these fish are huge, some may go as much as 5-10 lbs or more. The ladders are provided and placed ahead of time by Rob and his assistant Chris. There may be an opportunity to do some wade fishing off to the side of these ladders too, if you can find room to do so and need to get off the ladder for a break.  

Fish-out etiquette rules:  There will be no reserving of ladders during a meal break or any other breaks taken (do NOT leave your rod on the ladder unattended if you don't want to lose it) and nobody gets the same ladder more than a half day in any case. I reserve the right to rotate anglers if some ladders are hotter than others -- my prerogative as your class leader -- since we want everyone in our group to catch fish. 

Remember that fish must cruise in a lake looking for food, and they won't necessarily be cruising past each ladder, so I want everyone to be understanding and willing to take turns fishing from different ladders.  Part of your education is learning to be generous and considerate to your fellow anglers, and treating them as you would like to be treated. 

This fish-out will be limited to 12 people each day.

The suggested gear -- besides boots, waders, warm socks and undergarments (that water is cold!), fleeces, rain jacket, gloves, sunglasses, sunscreen, buff, and a warm hat -- is:

Nymphing:  6-8 wt single handed fly rods, with floating lines. Large, buoyant indicators (such as Thing-a-ma-bobbers or the newer Air-Locks) and some heavy split shot if you are not using tungsten bead head flies.

Retrieving Beetles and Buggers: 7-8 wt single handed fly rods with shooting heads of a fast or extra fast sink rate (Type 6 or T-14, to sink 6-7 ips). Two-handed switch rods that can be easily overhead-casted only (no Spey casts) will do, but are not particularly popular with our guides (there is little room between the ladder spacing for maneuvering the long rods). A stripping basket may be handy if you have an intermediate running line rather than a floating running line.

Leaders:  Long 2X-3X tapered leaders for nymphing or just straight tippet in 10-15 lb. works fine too, especially for stripping/retrieving; 12 lb. fluorocarbon tippet may be best. Rob will have this tippet if you don't. (check Rob's website for suggested Fishing/ Techniques). 

We will be staying each night at the Nugget Casino & Resort in Sparks, NV (call Corporate Sales Mgr. Jarre' Payne at 775-356-3455 and mention to her that you are with the Reno Fly Fishing Outfitters to get a special corporate room rate, or look for a deal on Book early to have a better chance of getting into this hotel for Saturday and Sunday night. We will have a very long day of fishing on Sunday and a shorter day on Monday to let people get on the road soon enough that they shouldn't need to stay over Monday night. 

We will be car-pooling and caravanning from the hotel to the lake each morning, a trip which takes about 45 minutes. Since Rob wants us on the ladders by the first hint of daylight when the bite is often the best (it's legal to begin fishing one hour before sunrise), everyone shall be down in the hotel front lobby for a headcount and be ready to go BEFORE 5:00AM and then get their vehicles lined up in the valet parking area ready to follow Rob when he shows up at 5:00AM.  If you are not ready then or don't drive fast enough to keep up with Rob, you are likely to get lost and no one will be looking for you. Also, pay close attention as you make the drive out to the lake since Rob will not be guiding you back to the hotel.  

Both a light breakfast and a big lunch will be provided by Rob each day on the lake, as well as an assortment of beverages (no alcohol allowed! Tribal rules.).

Besides transportation, your expenses for the trip will include the $200 registration fee (for guide costs), a small tribal fishing permit fee, purchase of flies if needed, all dinners or other food bought in town, and the cost of your hotel room. 

Rob Anderson's website is Read this thoroughly. There is awful lot of information on his site to see and absorb, including a weather forecast link to check as the date approaches and a link to buy and print out your tribal fishing license before you leave home. Don't forget this! (And no, a Nevada fishing license is not required for fishing on the Indian reservation.)  

You can buy special flies from Rob's online store (the $30 Guide Pack of flies will be delivered to you at the lake -- follow the instructions for ordering this-- rather than being shipped to you, if you don't get around to otherwise ordering flies early enough. Also with the purchase of the Guide Pack, Rob or Chris will supply any additional flies you might need at the lake).  There is no place to buy flies or other gear at the lake.

Last suggestion:  rinse off your fishing gear thoroughly at the end of the day (maybe take it into the shower with you) since this lake is very alkaline, and not a lot different than saltwater.

Sign up for this opportunity now, as this very popular fish-out has been filled quickly in past years.  Fishing Pyramid Lake is a unique experience, unlike anything you'll do anywhere else and big fish ARE fun! 

Contacts for further info:  John Murphy (  ph. 650-799-1695

Rob Anderson ( 775-742-1754

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