CANCELLED - Fall River "Traditional Fly Fishing" Rondy 2 - 7/24-25

  • 23 Jul 2017
  • 6:00 PM
  • 25 Jul 2017
  • 9:00 PM
  • vicinity of Fall River Mills, CA
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What is this?  A rondy for those experienced anglers in the club who willingly commit to fly fish using only "traditional" methods (i.e., staying direct connected to their flies without the use of indicators) and for those who's enjoyment of fly fishing no longer requires counting numbers of fish caught. This rondy is a repeat of the one held May 25 & 26 this year for the first group (Fall River Rondy 1).

Two days of guided dry fly and streamer fishing on California's fabled Fall River.  This "no bobber" fishing trip is intended to expose competent anglers to the joy of "traditional" fly fishing. 

Cost:  The cost per angler is $595. This includes two days of  guided fishing with supplied lunch each day, two dinners (Sunday and Monday nights) at Bob Pauli's fishing camp (directions to be provided), and the GGACC's nonrefundable $25 Rondy fee.  The cost of a dinner for any pre-approved non-angling guests is $60.  

Gear required:  Rod #1: 5wt medium action 9' fly rod with a floating line and 20' leader tapered to 5X.  (Assembling such leaders is simple as we'll cover in future correspondence.) Rod #2:  5-6wt medium action 9' +/- fly rod with intermediate sink shooting head and 9' leader tapered to 5X.  Polaroid sunglasses and large brim hats are highly recommended.

Casting Skills required:  Rod #1: Ability to cast 50' while turning over a 20' leader and to execute the "Fall River feed"  to get drag free drift with dry flies.  Rod #2:  Ability to cast a sinking shooting head to 60' while turning over a 9' leader to strip retrieve a streamer. 

Participation is very limited.  Those wishing to participate should email Bob Pauli at to express your interest and request permission. Please indicate if you can meet the required casting skills now, or if you will need coaching. Due to the high demand for participating in this rondy, acceptance will be based on the date of your original email to Bob, prompt payment of the $595 fee, and your demonstrated casting skill (last year's Fall River Rondy participants are automatically qualified).

Payment:  If accepted into this rondy, please write out a $595 check payable to the "GGACC" including the memo note "Fall River 2017" and mail to:

Bob Pauli, 1035 Branbury Court, Napa, CA 94558

Pre-meeting and Casting Clinic:  To be held at the GGACC Anglers Lodge and casting ponds on Sat., January 28, 2017, from 9:00 AM to 11:30 AM to cover preplanning, logistics, expectations, and skill testing.  Coaching to help achieve the required skill level will be provided.  Please REGISTER SEPARATELY on the club calendar for this Fall River Rondy Pre-meeting & Casting Clinic event, whether you decide to register for this Fall River Rondy 2, Rondy 1, or neither rondy.

Logistics:  California's Fall River is near the community of Fall River Mills, approximately 75 miles northeast of Redding on State Route 299E.

Lodging can be booked at Spinner Fall Lodge, Val Atkinson's cabin, Circle 7 Guest Ranch, or various motels in Fall River Mills.

The group's initial meeting and orientation will be over dinner on Sunday, July 23, at 6:00PM at Bob Pauli's fishing camp.  For this first night, please bring an appetizer, side dish, or dessert, whether homemade or purchased. Dinner is also included on Monday evening, July 24, at a time to be announced. If you drink alcohol or special beverages, please bring your drink of choice to each dinner.

Guides are highly experienced Fall River veterans.

Guided fishing days are Monday and Tuesday, July 24 & 25. Meet at Bob Pauli's camp at 7:40 AM sharp each morning, from there the group will caravan to the launch area. Day's end will be played by ear, depending on fish activity, but be prepared for possible evening fishing if a good hatch is on.  

Guides will bring sandwiches and beverages for lunch, but if you have dietary restrictions, please bring your own food. 

Anglers may want to fish unguided (assuming you either have a boat or rent a boat to do so -- there is virtually NO wade fishing on this river) or may separately arrange for their own guided outings on Saturday, Sunday, or Monday of that Memorial Day weekend. Spinner Fall Lodge has boats for rent that are located at Circle 7 Guest Ranch. 

Additional Info: This trip is traditional fly fishing using dry flies, streamers, nymphs, and soft hackles -- without bobbers. Guides will supply flies, but it never hurts to bring some of your own flies should you choose to try them. 

California's Fall River valley is one of the world's most beautiful locations.  The river holds native fish (there has never been a planter in the Fall River) with lots of attitude and the size to back it up.  Those who catch fish here can catch them anywhere.  The personal reward earned by mastering traditional fly fishing techniques in a clear spring creek cannot be overestimated. 

Changed from the 2016 program is the communal group dinner on two evenings where we make new friends and share success stories (without counts).  Camaraderie, camaraderie -- we'll have a blast!

Leader:  Bob Pauli, mobile 707-322-3583;  landline in Falls River Mills:  530-336-5822;  Email:

Questions? Please direct your inquiries to the appropriate mail box:

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