LTFF Step 2 Novice Fish-out - Stanislaus River Day 1

  • 26 Aug 2017
  • 7:00 AM - 6:00 PM
  • near Dorrington, CA off Hwy 4.
  • 4


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This Stanislaus River Fish-out is the next scheduled fish-out for those students in the 2017 Novice Class (Step 2) of the GGACC's 3-yr. long "Learn to Fly Fish" educational fly-fishing program.  As explained below, this Saturday, August 26th event is one of two dates for this mentored fish-out.
This is intended as a one-day mentored fish-out, rather than a two-day event, for the fact that we can't feasibly put all of the Novice class students and their mentors on this small river for both days. As such, it is listed on the calendar as Day 1 and Day 2 with separate registrations for each date since it is necessary to split up the class to fish with mentors on either Saturday or Sunday, but not necessarily both if there is a lot of interest.

Students are initially permitted to sign up for just ONE of these two days. Later, if there are still available spots on either date after everyone who is interested has had a chance to sign up, an announcement will be made that as of a certain day and time, some of you may be able to register for a second day to fill up any open spots for the mentored fishing. 

However, students are welcome to stay and fish a second day on their own, or possibly be allowed to tag along with a mentored group on the chance that one of the mentors may approve having one extra person that day.

In any case, all students whether fishing Saturday or Sunday are encouraged to attend a group dinner on Saturday night, which we hope to hold again on the patio at the restaurant in the nearby Bear Valley Lodge & Ski Resort.  Recognizing that some people may sign up for more than one day, the cost for this dinner is NOT INCLUDED in this fish-out's registration fee. As in the past, to better control the cost and to make for quicker service, I will negotiate group pricing for a fixed menu of 2-3 entree options for all who want to attend this dinner. Registrants can expect an email in early August to further address the dinner issues. 

The "Stan" River is an excellent rainbow and brown trout fishery.  We will be fishing the North Fork of the Stanislaus River in the NF Sourgrass Rec Area above the Big Tree State Park.  This Rec Area is located off State Hwy. 4 way down below the little town of Dorrington (north of Arnold, CA) in a very picturesque canyon.

Most of us will be camping farther up on Hwy 4 at the Picnic Area/ Group Camp Site for the "Big Meadows Stanislaus" Nat'l. Forest Campgrounds (this group site has its own small turn-out parking lot before you get to the main campground entrance). We have reserved this camp site for the 3 nights (Fri.-Sun.) to allow for Saturday's anglers to arrive the night before and leave on Sunday and for Sunday's anglers (who should arrive on Saturday) to fish all day Sunday and drive home Monday morning (thereby avoiding all the weekend traffic back to the Bay Area).

There is also the Bear Valley Lodge and the even more rustic Tamarack Lodge just a few miles up the road, old Dorrington Hotel about 10 miles below the campground, and a few motels farther back in Arnold and Murphys for those not into tent camping, or possibly sleeping in their vehicle in the group camp site parking lot. 

Other logistics and recommended gear will be covered at a Pre-fishout Meeting to be held in the clubhouse at 3:00pm on Saturday, August 19th (the same day that we expect to hold the LTFF Program's Annual Dinner that you won't want to miss!). 

The registration fee for each day of this fish-out is $40, which covers that day's lunch (including the mentors') and some recommended flies. There will be an extra fee of $10 per night for staying in the campground. This camp fee shall be paid to the LTFF Program Director at either the pre-mtg. or up at the campground. Finding any other lodging is your responsibility, but be sure to book it early!  

Sign up quickly to get one of these two dates for this great fish-out!  Register for either August 26 or 27 on that date's calendar event.

Note: This fish-out is intended for this year's LTFF Novice Class only.  However, should there be any remaining openings after August 15, other club members from previous LTFF classes are welcome to sign-up upon approval of the Program Director listed below.

Cost:  $40 /mentored day, plus $10 /night camp fee

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John Murphy ( 650-799-1695

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