LTFF Casting Qualifier for pre-registered 2020 Beginners & some Novices

  • 08 Feb 2020
  • 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
  • GGACC Casting Ponds

This second of two LTFF Casting Qualifier events is being held on the GGACC East pond on Saturday afternoon, February 8, 2020, from 1-3pm.  

The scorers (CI casting instructors) will set-up the dockside casting stations as needed for the expected number (up to 30) of pre-registered Learn to Fly Fish (LTFF) students from the 2020 Beginner Class and only those 2020 Novice students new to the LTFF program, who still need to pass one or more of the required four basic casting tasks.  Others may use the other two ponds not required for this event. 

This is a Pre-requisite casting qualification event for 2020 LTFF Beginners and only certain Novices/  It is a repeat of the LTFF Casting Qualifier held on Saturday, Jan. 11, 2020, for those still needing to pass one or more casting tasks.  No others may participate.   For more information about this event, see the January 11, 2020 description.

Contacts for this event:   John Murphy, LTFF Prog. Dir. 

or  Willy George, GGACC Casting Program Dir.

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