VIRTUAL Class - LTFF Step 1 BEGINNERS Class Day 2 - via Zoom

  • 25 Apr 2020
  • 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Zoom Meeting via emailed invitation


Registration is closed

The  LTFF Beginners Class Day 2, previously postponed due to Covid-19 closure of the Anglers Lodge, will be held as a virtual meeting on Saturday morning, April 25, 2020, beginning at 9:00AM.  This class may be expected to last for most if not all morning, with at least one break provided.  

All Beginner students previously registered in BOTH Section A and Section B of the 2020 "Learn to Fly Fish (LTFF) Step 1 Beginners Class Day 1" will receive a separate emailed invitation by the preceding Thursday to join the one Zoom Meeting on Saturday, April 25, for your second class day instruction on that ONE day only. It will NOT be repeated on Sunday. 

The emailed invitation will supply the required Meeting ID No. and Password for signing into the Zoom meeting.  It will also provide phone numbers to call in if unable to join this meeting online for some reason and you have to listen in by phone.  However, you are strongly encouraged to view this class online, where you will be able to ask questions via Chat to be responded to during the meeting by the instructors.  

Attendees have the following homework to do PRIOR to this Saturday morning's class:  

1.  PRIOR TO THE MEETING, all students are expected to RSVP TO SIGN UP FOR THIS CLASS DAY 2 INSTRUCTION ON THIS CALENDAR EVENT to assure your instructors that you have seen these instructions.  Please do so by Friday afternoon at the latest. 

2.  You are also asked to be sure that you have the current update of the basic Zoom app (FREE from Apple or Google Store) downloaded on your laptop or desktop computer or internet-connected tablet, and use that app to sign-in with.  Please be sure to do this in advance in order to practice Joining a Meeting if you are not already familiar with this process. Once signed in, you're in a waiting room until the host has signed on at 9:00AM. You will be muted when you first enter the meeting, but if the instruction hasn't commenced when you do so, you may unmute yourself to say hi to others until the class starts.  

3.  Since there will be as many as 40 students in this one Zoom meeting, all students will be expected to leave their device's Zoom microphone MUTED during the class unless called upon to speak.  You may ask questions at any time during the class using the Chat function in the Zoom app. Those questions will be monitored and relayed to the instructor speaking to be answered to the whole class in as interactive a manner as possible. 

4.  I you have any trouble figuring out how to use the Zoom app or joining the meeting, please try to reach Sarah Trenschel, our Website & Social Media Comm chair and Zoom Coordinator/ official host for the club's new paid Zoom account prior to the start of the meeting.  You can either text or call her (note: her mobile phone number will only be listed in the emailed Zoom meeting invite) -- or you  email her at if you are trying to reach her at least a full day or two before the class. 

5.  Review your class hand-outs and notes to remind yourself of the material covered in the first class day.  There will be some review of this material in this second class, but you may also be called upon to answer quiz questions. 

6.  Practice tying the basic knots taught in the first class with perhaps a pair of shoelaces (round ones preferably) or similar length pieces of heavy cord, if you are not yet able to do so with mono tippet material.  Those knots include the Surgeon's Loop, the Loop-to-Loop Connector, the Surgeon's Knot, the Clinch Knot and the Improved Clinch Knot, and the Non-slip Loop Knot (aka Kreh Knot).  We will quickly go over the recommended way of typing these knots again in this 2nd class and perhaps quiz you on things to remember about knot-tying to make good reliable knots that you can trust. 

If you have any questions about the above, feel free to contact your Class Leader John Murphy by email (, text, or phone.  (Your instructor George Revel can be tough to reach on short notice.)

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