Fly Fishing Skills Building Program - Basic Knot Tying

  • 20 Feb 2021
  • 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
  • Virtual Meeting over Zoom
  • 3


This Fly Fishing Skills Building Program on "Basic Knot Tying for Fly Fishing" will be presented virtually over Zoom by Steve Fuerstenau and John Murphy on this special date and time:

Saturday, February 20, 2021, beginning at 12 noon PT.   

This event is open to the public to register for as well as GGACC club members, but it will be limited to the first 99 people WHO REGISTER HERE ON THIS CALENDAR EVENT in order to receive a Zoom invitation to this presentation via an email on the day of and just a couple hours before the event. 

Class Description:  In this February "Knot Tying" Skills session, the instructors will be demonstrating how to tie the basic half dozen or more knots most useful for trout fishing, including a discussion of when to use each knot. The focus will be on tying those knots that are needed for building and securing leaders for fishing both dry and wet flies; however, building various rigging set-ups using those knots will be the subject of a separate presentation. 

Registrants are encouraged to find, before class if possible, the following items in order to practice tying these knots at home -- both along with the instructors or immediately after the class (until they can do so proficiently enough to use strong leader tippet material such as 0X to 2X sizes, before finally practicing tying these knots in the lighter 3X to 6X tippet sizes typically required for trout fishing): 

1.  A couple 2' long pieces of P-cord or old fly line (to first simulate the more difficult to learn tying of mono or fluoro tippet material typically used for fly fishing leaders) and

2. One small eye screw, metal O-ring, or washer to provide a large representation of the eye of a hook.

Program Description:  This Fly Fishing Skills Building program is designed to enhance one's practical knowledge of the sport and to assist all fly fishers wishing to become more successful when out on the lakes and streams. Varying topics are presented by an experienced fly fisher with extensive knowledge about the specific topic.  

Unless there will be no program offered in a particular month, this event post-pandemic will be typically held on the 2nd Saturday of each month following the free public casting lessons that month.  Attendance then may be limited to the maximum seating available for a particular program, so please register in advance of the event. 

For further info about this particular event, contact:

Steve Fuerstenau

John B. Murphy  

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